COSMOS Premiere at Fiddler's Hearth

Posted by admin on February 11, 2014


Experience the get pharmacy premiere of generic viagra samples COSMOS: A SPACETIME ODYSSEY on Sunday, March 9, 2014, at Fiddler's Hearth Public House in South Bend, Indiana.  Ityson_maher2.jpgn this updated production of Carl Sagan's seminal book and only today TV series, host Neil deGrasse Tyson guides us through 14 billion years of an evolving universe.  Seating for the premiere is limited, so start getting your friends on board for a cosmic night out of unparalleled dialogue. 

Jupiter-March9.pngPrior to the 9:00 p.m. showing, telescopes outside Fiddler's Hearth will target one of the major players in Sagan's original masterpiece--Jupiter, the king of the planets.  Witness for yourself a sight that changed the world, as Jupiter flanked by its four logo-FiddlersHearth300.jpgGalilean moons suggests the earth is no longer the immutable center of everything. 

Our understanding changes with new evidence.  Grow your affinity for mind- and time- and space-bending ideas with a celestial trifecta--observing with telescopes; comfort and comraderie at Fiddler's Hearth; and the viagra without prescription uk pharmacy premiere of COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey. 

Proceeds from donations benefit AstroCamp.

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cosmos-original.jpgThe original COSMOS series was a watershed for storytelling, making science personal.  With enthusiasm Carl Sagan presented a convincing argument that we are the stuff of generic viagra lowest prices stars.  He ingenuously conveyed how seemingly unfathomable some really large numbers are.  (That numerical awe held sway with me until national debt perveyors co-opted the domain of astronomers.)   The language of Sagan and the imagery of artists like Adolf Schaller were exquisite. 

Bold ideas took root with staying power, and have held sway for decades.  For example, in the summer of 2013, community volunteers painted the 933 Bridge, a gateway into South Bend, IN.  Among the aritists was high school student Jacob DeHart, who shared a pastel he had recently done. When selecting a subject to paint, DeHart chose to overnight levitra honor Carl Sagan for his influential work years before. 

For recent dialogue about the amazing original series, Casey Dreier of The Planetary Society reflects on those original 13 episodes with Cosmos with Cosmos

cosmos-tyson-druyan.jpgCOSMOS: A SPACETIME ODYSSEY is the new series to be broadcast in 13 episodes on FOX and National Geographic stations.  Episode One will be shown March 9 at Fiddler's Hearth.  The remake recognizes thirty years of advancement in astronomy.  Authored and produced by Ann Druyan and Neil deGrasse Tyson, the story maintains the only best offers integrity of the science and its connectedness to the audience as the orginal series did. 


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Fiddler's Hearth:

hearth.JPGFiddler's Hearth Public House is rightly described as "a Family Friendly gathering place for Celtic artists and the public at the heart of levitra online doctor South Bend with great music, high quality food and purchase cialis soft tabs drink from the Celtic lands, and a relaxing atmosphere." fiddlers-beer.jpgProprietors Terry, Carol, and Sean Meehan are strong advocates of science education, and they invite you to pair celestial spectacle with the evocative Cosmos series while enjoying the comfort of Fiddler's Hearth hospitality.


127 N. Main, South Bend, IN


Observing with Telescopes:

twilight-March9.pngPrior to 9:00 p.m. premiere, visitors can experience a more visceral connection to the cosmos by observing celestial highlights outside Fiddler's Hearth.  Telescopes will be staffed by members of the Michiana Astronomical Society Inc., which in 2014 is celebrating 40 years of bringing highlights of the night sky to public venues.


That evening, the waxing gibbous moon is a convenient guide.  High in the western sky, the moon's brilliance washes out nearby stars, but a singular bright object to generic viagra lowest price its left shines through.

The dominant bright object is Jupiter, embedded in the constellation of the Gemini twins.  Take a look through a telescope to see four dots in line with Jupiter--a striking appearance first seen by Galileo over 400 years ago!  What are you witnessing?

Try this thought experiment (or do it at home with your own binoculars or telescope):

Let's say on the first night you see four stars in a row astride Jupiter.  On successive nights you see four in row, but in a different order relative to the planet.  For example, maybe you see two dots on bayer levitra one side and two on the other side.  Another night you see three on one side and one on the other side.  Jupiter-March9.pngThen back to two and two.  Then maybe one night you see two dots on one side of Jupiter, one dot on the other side, and the fourth dot is missing. Where is it?

Most people realize the missing fourth moon is either behind or in front of cialis alternatives Jupiter, which implies the four moons are orbiting (or revolving around) the giant planet.  If it's true that four objects go around Jupiter, as Galileo asserted, then it means not everything in the heavens go around earth.  Jupiter is the center of four things, whatever they are.  House arrest for you!fiddler-scopes.JPG

Now it's time to head inside, enjoy the cialis generic india food and beverages of Fiddler's Hearth, and open your mind for COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey!  Thanks for joining us.


AstroCamp gets kids under the stars.  Proceeds from the premiere of Cosmos at Fiddler's Hearth will benefit AstroCamp through the Camp Eberhart Alumni Association.