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Timestamp: New Horizons at Pluto

Let’s photo bomb Pluto and leave no trace.

Take pictures all week

during Pluto Time.

Image courtesy of NASA.

Anywhere in South Bend, take a photo

during Pluto Time;

e.g. July 6 ~ 9:27 pm.

Then upload #PlutoTime.

Be a timestamp on a Pluto mosaic

Let’s create an I remember when

as a tapestry

not a funeral cloth.

To find Pluto Time for your location, go to or click image.

Share your photo on Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Flickr or YouTube with the tag #PlutoTime.

SB150 Time Stamp

Do Pluto Time as an SB150 time stamp

"I remember when..."

That was the year

a solar airplane flew around the earth,

a spacecraft flew by Pluto.

Pepper the Pluto mosaic with SB imagery.

For more Pluto and New Horizons material, see my blog post Pluto Time (June 30, 2015).

The video below shows Pluto moving against background stars over three hours. I took the images with the Prompt3 telescope in Chile, with thanks to Skynet Junior Scholars and the SB150 Young Astronomers (more at!skynet/csgz).

See my other recent blog posts with the Pluto tag, including Pluto Time.

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