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First Pilots

In Murun, Mongolia, residents tell about Khainzan Gelenkhuu, dubbed Mongolia' first pilot. He purportly jumped from 200 meters with an animal skin for wings. Though the wings depicted by the statue in Gelenkhuu's honor at the Murun (Mörön) Airport do not look flightworthy, the local folk assert their flight pioneer succeeded in his daring leap, allegedly injuring only two sheep below.

Juxtaposed with memorial to Capt. Iven C. Kincheloe, in Cass County, Michigan...

Mongolia Star Interpretations

as suggested by Mongolian tour guide

Venus evening star

Ydshiin gayalaan

"Oo ching ga lon"

Morning star

Uuriin tsolmon

"Oor ing tsol moan"

North Star

Altan gadas

"All tun goddess"

Big Dipper

Seven Gods

Doloon burkhan

"Da lawn - brrr khan"

Pleiades ?

Winter Star


"Mitch et"

Milky Way

Suun zam

"Soon zom"

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