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New: 2024 Solar Eclipse Activities

Prepare for the 2024 solar eclipse with an updated Eclipse 2024 landing page and a new Eclipse Activities page.

Excerpt from Eclipse-2024 page.

The Eclipse-2024 page features links to key topics, including:

  • maps

  • activities

  • eclipse blog posts

  • eye safety

  • event planning

  • space weather

  • viewing devices

Excerpt from Eclipse Activities page.

The Eclipse Activities 2024 page links to over two dozen activities to support your public engagement or outreach.

  • Projection Technique

  • Scale models of sun-moon-earth

  • Indigenous Eclipse Teachings

  • Foam ball moon phases demo

  • Shaving cream and food coloring craft

  • Exploring shadow bands

  • Frog Swallows the Sun

  • Eclipse Music

  • Decorate shades

  • Bear's Shadow Activity

  • Solar Math

  • Make a Solargraph

  • Measure darkness during eclipse


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