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2024 Solar Eclipse

Prepare for the solar eclipse of Monday, April 8, 2024.

When the moon cuts in front of the sun on Monday, April 8, 2024,  experience a total solar eclipse visible along a narrow swath of shadow from western Mexico to eastern Canada.  Make your plans now.  Promote eye safety.

Map courtesy of Michael Zeiler,

Eye Safety

How to view the eclipse safely; from American Astronomical Society.

Eclipse Maps

Excellent maps by Michael Zeiler

Interactive Map

Interactive Google Map by Javier Jubier.

Chuck's Solar Eclipse Blog Posts

Nightwise blog posts tagged "solar eclipse".

Solar Eclipse Links

Extensive list of links relevant to a solar eclipse, excerpted from Nightwise links in 2017.  (Sorry, don't have time to re-build list here.)

Solar Eclipse Activities for Libraries

Starnet SEAL program offers activities, resources, and free solar shades for libraries.

South Bend, IN

Start of Partial Eclipse:  1:53 PM EDT          

Maximum Eclipse:   3:09 PM EDT

End of Partial Eclipse:  4:23 PM EDT      

Safe Viewing Summary

Video courtesy of Exploratorium

Dr. Paul Doherty of the Exploratorium introduces four basic solar viewing techniques in video at    More Exploratorium videos are here.

For the definitive presentation about observing the sun safely and effectively, see 28-minute video by Dr. Ralph Chou (2012) at


See PDF of 2017 eclipse for additional valuable links. 

Eye Safety

NOTE: See PDF of 2017 solar eclipse for substantial eye safety links and techniques. 

For the definitive presentation about observing the sun safely and effectively, see 28-minute video by Dr. Ralph Chou (2012) at

Future Eclipses-USA

Map courtesy of Michael Zeiler,

Future Eclipses-Global

Map courtesy of Michael Zeiler,


Looking at the sun can be dangerous, but it can be done.  Follow the safety precautions described by the American Astronomical Association.  I am not responsible for any injuries resulting from your observing the sun.  You are responsible for your own safety.


What I said in 2004 and 2012 for observing the transit of Venus.

Background image excerpted from: 

Dionysius the Areopagite Converting

the Pagan Philosophers

Antoine Caron

French, 1521-1599

Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Sun Funnels


The Sun Funnel is a telescope accessory that allows a group of people to observe a magnified image of the sun safely. 


Instructions to Build a Sun Funnel, updated for the 2017 eclipse by Rick Fienberg, includes images,  tips, and precautions. 


See video for introduction of 3D-printed version of the Sun Funnel .  Additional tips are at my Sun Funnel page.


Try these .stl files for 3D printing, courtesy of Adler Planetarium:

Watch short video about Sun Funnels...

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