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Night Sky Measured

To understand what is at risk of being lost, one needs to quantify what exists.  Below are individual and group measurements of the night sky in St. Joseph County, Indiana.  Observations include visual and instrument readings, the latter being done with Sky Quality Meters (SQMs) and Dark Sky Meter (DSM) app. 

map-survey areas-grab.png

New Carlisle

A second survey over proposed mega-development area

2018 JUN


South Bend

South Bend initiates an assessment of existing natural resources.

2016 JUN


PHM School District

3,500 kids in one school district observe the sky and record darkness

2009 MAR



St. Joseph County

Independent observations  in SJC.


Leo mag=5.0 labeled.png

New Carlisle

Survey of sky over New Carlisle Economic Development Area

2018 APR

risk at elbel-grab.png

South Bend

An average after a meeting about Elbel Park is 19.16 mag/sq. arcsec.

2016 FEB



A science fair project measures sky glow before development.

2006 DEC

light pollution map-SJC.png

St. Joseph County

Map legend matches SQM values to sky brightness.


DSM result-grab.png

South Bend

Back to Elbel Park after a meeting about it.


South Bend

As fire cuts power to downtown for days, sky survey looks up.

2014 MAY


Globe at Night

St. Joseph County

Maps reflect data from citizen observations across the region.


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