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Websites, blogs, and select pages by Chuck Bueter


A stargazing adventure for kids at YMCA Camp Eberhart.


My portal to astronomy and personal interests. You're there now!

Let There Be Night

Students quantify how much of night sky has been lost and model it.

Comet Festival

A community embraces the uncertainty of science.

Transit of Venus

Venus passes in front of the sun in 2004 and 2012.

South Bend Astro

Local astronomy programs, with colleague Dr. Kate Rueff.


A dormant site waiting for a fresh idea.  Got one?

Paper Plate Education

Collection of activities using simple paper plates.

Nightwise (old)

My original Nightwise website , of which this is 3rd version.



My posts on Notre Dame extended Research Community (NDeRC).

Transit of Venus Blog

My posts on Steven Van Roode's Transit of Venus  website.

Project Ilios Blog

My blog posts on the Project Ilios website created by team members.

PHM Planetarium...

Unofficial page (now dormant) for PHM Planetarium & Air/Space Museum


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