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Events 2024

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Astronomers predict a new star--a nova--will emerge in the constellation Corona Borealis in 2024.  Capture before-and-after images of the celestial phenomenon as a cannibal star explodes from gluttony. 



Make a solargraph between the solstices to show the annual path of sun.  With an aluminum can, some duct tape, and photographic film, your pinhole camera will capture a long-duration snapshot of time and place.  The June solstice is a good time to start an exposure.



For astronomy events in our northern Indiana region, see the Michiana Astronomical Society.  Local observing is available from the dark skies of Dr. T.K. Lawless Park in Vandalia, MI. 


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I'm Chuck Bueter, an amateur astronomer embracing public outreach. Let's make ideas happen--be energy at the speed of life!

Nightwise is my portal to the night sky and other personal interests. Blog posts about recent and upcoming events often have an emphasis on astronomy.  

AstroCamp is a stargazing adventure at YMCA Camp Eberhart in Three Rivers, MI.  See intro here or go directly to the

Clear your calendar for April 8, 2024.  Totality for  solar eclipse will be visible along a swath from Texas to Maine.  Make a Sun Funnel for your telescope so a crowd can view safely.

Here are my 100+ ideas to inspire better outdoor lighting practices and lessen waste.  I have personally field-tested most of these activities, ranging from easy to ambitious.  Go!

Capture the essence of time--an image of the sun arcing across the sky between the solstices--by making a simple pinhole camera.


Using sufficient yet sensible light will benefit the night sky and human health, too.  In lessening light pollution we gain many upsides.  Avoid the blues (blue light, that is).

  • Comet Festival

  • Transit of Venus

  • Paper Plate Education

  • Let There Be Night                 And more...

Gotta love the Great Lakes.  Here are weather links for on the water and on the sun alike. 

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