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2013 Comet Festival Image Blast

















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Comet Festival Image Blast



2012 Video samples



Predicting a Transit of Venus:

The Two-Minute Explanation

Nick Ducoffe production explains the recurring pattern of transits of Venus using a paper plate.


Preparing for Transit of Venus March by John Philip Sousa

The Penn Symphonic Winds rehearse a 19th century march by the American bandmaster Sousa.


the Transit of Venus

Four-minute trailer summarizes the history and significance of the transit of Venus while preparing for June 5-6, 2012, spectacle.


Cosmic Cocktail to Celebrate Transit of Venus

A refreshing mixed drink garnished with a caper embedded in a lemon.


2012 Astronomy in Michiana

Highlights of 2012 astronomy in Michiana, including the transit of Venus, YMCA AstroCamp, Michiana Astronomical Society, new media, and public outreach.


Bruce Katz at The Livery

Musician Bruce Katz lights up the keyboard, live at Benton Harbor, MI, microbrewery.



YouTube Collections




Assorted and personal videos:

  • Northbound, End of Season
  • Community Project: Let There Be Light
  • Transit of Venus--An Astronomical Alignment with Meaning
  • AstroCamp 2010--A Stargazing Adventure
  • Train on the Little Colorado River
  • Year of Astronomy in Michigan (2009)
  • Galileo: "I'm Just a Rational Guy."
  • Flyover and Zoom of Let There Be Night
  • Maglite Demo: Lessen Light Pollution
  • Turtle Hatch Activity
  • Why We Have Leap Years
  • "Spinach...please."

Comet Festival

  • Comet Festival at Ignite Michiana
  • A Snowball's Chance in Hel
  • Burnt Leftovers
  • Eulogy for a Comet

Paper Plate Education


Paper Plate Education videos:

  • Paper Plate Astronomy Introduction
  • Satellite Tracking Bowl
  • Sub-Solar Cup
  • Altitude Measurer
  • Measuring Latitude by Polaris
  • Altitude of the Noon Sun
  • Planet Pointer
  • Platisphere
  • Platisphere for Children
  • Platisphere Photographic Plate
  • Tactile Platisphere
  • More Paper Plate Activities

Transit of Venus


Transit of Venus videos:

  • Keg Tapped for Transit of Venus Time Keg
  • Transit of Venus Story
  • Predicting a Transit of Venus: The Two-Minute Explanation
  • Venusian: Ale Celebrates 2012 Transit of Venus
  • Preparing for "Transit of Venus March"
  • the Transit of Venus
  • Point Venus, Tahiti
  • Transit of Venus Alignment
  • 2012 Transit of Venus--Region X
  • Transit of Venus March by John Philip Sousa
  • Crowd Gathers to Witness the 2004 Transit of Venus
  • Black Drop Simulated With Pinched Fingers
  • NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory to Witness 2012 Transit of Venus


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