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Eltanin at Science Alive

Visitors to 2015 Science Alive at the St. Joseph County Public Library on February 7 can make a simple starfinder to locate South Bend's birthday star Eltanin. The brightest star in Draco the Dragon, Eltanin is about 150 light years away. Traveling at 186,000 miles per second, the starlight that left Eltanin in 1865 when South Bend was incorporated is just now reaching us. Members of Michiana Astronomical Society Inc. (MAS) will be in the Pokagon Meeting Room in the lower level of the library to guide the activity.

For more information on Eltanin, the starfinder activity, and South Bend's First Midnight, see!first-midnight/chrj.

MAS members also invite families to investigate light as we make simple spectroscopes that break light down into a spectrum of signature colors. Different types of light yield different patterns, and you will be able to take your spectroscope home with you. Participate in the 2015 International Year of Light at Science Alive!

In the Molloy Meeting Room in the lower level of the library, AstroCamp counselor Linda Marks will address the dwarf planet Pluto. In addition to explaining how Pluto was demoted from planet status, Linda will prepare visitors for the July 15 flyby of Pluto by the New Horizons spacecraft.

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