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Eclipse Countdown

Predicting the 2017 corona.  Image courtesy of Predictive Science Inc.

We all know, it's approaching. Here are some recent notes to myself.


Prediction of what the 2017 corona may look like. This is science, making a prediction. Image courtesy of Predictive Science Inc.

Citizen Science

Globe at Night asks, "How Dark Does the Sky Get During a Total Eclipse?" Measure the darkness of the eclipse from the path of totality.


Rick Fienberg suggests Solar Eclipse Apps You'll Need on Eclipse Day. I'm especially liking the solar eclipse timer for others in party to download. As with all equipment, test and set up in advance.


National Weather Service

Great American Eclipse

Eclipse Psychology

In a radio interview I did moments after hearing a talk by Dr. Kate Russo, I mistakenly identified her as a psychiatrist. She is a psychologist, author, and eclipse chaser. Her psychology research suggests there are "three aspects to the eclipse experience: intellectual appreciation, an immersive experience, and transformative impact." At the AstroCon 2017 convention in Casper, WY, Dr. Russo described a total solar eclipse as "an immersive event that happens above, around you, and within you."

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