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Light: Bend It, Break It

Members of Michiana Astronomical Society Inc. and friends of the Kennedy Planetarium invited kids at 2015 Science Alive to bend, break, and observe light. Multiple hands-on stations allowed kids to investigate the properties of light during the 2015 International Year of Light. The kids made waves with flexible cable; observed the colors of different lights as seen through a simple spectroscope; bent laser light through lenses; made a star finder to find South Bend's birthday star Eltanin; ogled at an amateur astronomer's big refractor telescope; and triggered movement of micro-robots with flashlights.

Ruth Craft developed the activities for the Pokagon Meeting Room, while Linda Marks presented her program about Pluto in the nearby Molloy Meeting Room on behalf of AstroCamp. Thanks to all who came out to celebrate science with the youths of Michiana.

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