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Measure the Night Sky Before Proposed Mega-Development

In response to a proposed mega-development in western St. Joseph County, the Environmental Network of Northern Indiana (ENNI) is looking into the implications and planning of the project's land use. I anticipate quantifying the quality of the night sky and suggesting model lighting practices. To know what is at risk of being lost, I invite you to participate in a sky survey similar to how I derived Night Values for two South Bend parks.

Proposed mega-development zones west of South Bend

Using hand-held Sky Quality Meters (SQMs) and the Dark Sky Meter (DSM) iPhone app we will measure sky darkness and plot it across a map of the region. The objective SQM values can be uploaded to the Globe at Night (GaN) website, which then plots the results. The DSM Pro version allows the user to submit measurements directly to the Globe at Night map as well. We will also compare the naked-eye view of constellations we see at night to a set of star charts that depict varying limiting magnitudes. No special equipment is required, and participants can enter their data on the Globe at Night website.

If you have an interest in this endeavor, please contact Chuck Bueter and I'll get back to you later with details. In the interim, please check out the Night Values report and peruse Globe at Night. Thank you.

[Added 18 April, 2018: Seeötes for star charts for the constellation Boötes, to be used during sky surveys May 5-15, 2018.]

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