One Image To Capture Six Months of 2020

In late December 2019, several people around South Bend, IN, used duct tape to secure 16-ounce aluminum cans lined with black and white photographic paper at their respective places. Around the 2020 June solstice, they will recover their solargraphs, each a personal time stamp in sync with and recording global experiences. If you could take one continuous picture of the first six months of 2020, it may look like their solargraph results.

Meanwhile, cell phone panoramas anticipate the results of these pinhole cameras. The same distortion you get with a cell phone in Pan mode you get with a solargraph. See examples of cell phone images paired with solargraphs.

Below are panoramas from a few of the sites anticipating the June solstice and the completion of their six-month exposures.


Making Waves

Making Peace


Bell Tower

Colfax Cultural Center

Grass Roots Media



Solar Candidate

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