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Projecting Eclipse Memories

To capture personal thoughts during the 2024 total solar eclipse, I and others projected key words or phrases onto a white screen during all solar phases. We used a box to frame sheets of aluminum foil, then punched holes with a sharp pencil to spell out our messages. As the eclipse progressed the projected words appeared in the respective phase at that moment.

Prior to Contact 1 when the eclipse begins, the sun projects circular self-portraits.

Projected platisphere starfield shows position of north circumpolar stars for late night April 8.

The image of the Platisphere, below, shows how the north circumpolar stars would appear in the sky if the daylight were removed midday. The Big Dipper is low near the horizon while the upside-down W-shape of Cassiopeia is high above the north star Polaris.

Shadow of paper plate with holes punched out in patterns.
Sun projected through holes in platisphere showing midday position of north circumpolar stars.

While two people hold the message-bearing aluminum foil from blowing away in the wind, a third person photographs their handiwork.

Photographing projected image of "Joy."

The word Joy appears spelled out in crescent-shaped letters prior to totality.

Projecting the word Timshal.
Projecting the word Timshal.

Timshal spelled out early in the eclipse.

Balaji and Kavita hold the foil with "I love you" spelled out in hole punches.

Projected crescent suns spell "I love you."

Box with rectangular hole holds the foil like a frame for hole punching.

"Hi Mom" is projected before totality, with cusps of solar crescent pointing down and left.

"Hi Mom" is projected after totality, with cusps of solar crescent pointing up and right.

The projection of Psalm 19:1 is also referenced in blog post

Psalm 19:1 is projected onto white screen with solar crescents.

Projected Psalm 19:1 in pre-totality crescents: "The heavens declare the glory of God."
Projecting "Hi Mom."

Projecting "Paper Plate Education" using a paper plate.

Projecting "" with a paper plate.


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