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Honeysuckle Solar Farm Update

The Honeysuckle solar farm near New Carlisle, IN, which will generate enough renewable energy to power 27,000 homes, is on track for completion in mid-2024. Wayne Faust, Senior Construction Manager for LightSource BP at the Honeysuckle Solar project, provided a mid-September 2023 update.

I'd be glad to share some updates. As of today, we have all 80,000+ posts driven, and over 75% of our racking installed. We're at roughly 50% of modules installed, and have all of our underground electrical cables installed as well. We're still waiting on the final 3 truck loads of modules to be delivered, at which point module delivery will be completed. All inverters have been installed in the solar array, and we are still awaiting delivery of the remainder of transformers (inverter converts DC energy from the panels into AC energy, transformer steps up the voltage to 34.5Kv, to be sent to the substation, which further steps that voltage up to 138Kv for the transmission line).

We've been dealing with some insane vegetation growth, so keeping that under control has been a bit of a problem, but we've got mowing crews out keeping it in check. We've also got recycle and chipping crews on site trying to solve the module pallet issue- they're making slow but steady progress on that front.

We're still looking at a final completion date of middle of next year, with most on-site work being completed around early February. I think that covers the basics, but let me know if you've any specific questions.

A drone flight on July 29, 2023, showed the arrays to date.

Aerial view of solar farm job site.

Aerial view of solar farm job site; racks installed by not panels yet.

Stacks of solar panels with pallet debris in background.

Rows of solar panels aimed straight up.

Hundreds of solar panels stacked on pallets.

New parts for transmission lines at solar farm


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