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Return of Zebra Mussel Shells

As water levels recede on the Great Lakes, what trends in the cycle can we anticipate next? With high water we saw dunes scoured away, resulting in dune grass balls tumbling along the surf. Two years after the record highs of 2020, the lake is down about two feet.

While beach-goers smile at the expanded beach in December 2021, some may reminisce about and anticipate the return of a sandy shoreline. However, a feature absent during ascendant water could become more prominent in receding water--zebra mussel shells are starting to cluster.

During high water the zebra mussels have been absent. Out of sight, the invasive nuisance was out of our minds. The respite may be over. The prevalence of zebra mussels once again reminds us of the need be better stewards of our natural resources.


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