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Solar Power & Space Weather

In addition to getting people enthused about the economic and environmental upsides of solar energy, I find value in helping people get more informed about the sun itself, whether it’s changes in the sun's altitude and azimuth through the seasons, or the interior workings of our nearest star itself.

To that end I steer you to a free talk this Thursday, May 6, at 3:00 p.m. EDT by a renowned solar scientist who will address Solar Power: The Latest in What We Know About the Sun. Dr. Alex C. Young is Associate Director for Science for the Heliophysics Science Division at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Among his topics will be space weather and the sun-caused impacts on earth, what we can protect, and what’s at risk. He’ll also give a heads-up about the upcoming 2024 total solar eclipse, the centerline of which passes directly through Indiana.

To receive a link for the online talk, sign up at

To receive a link for the online talk, sign up at

solar power - alex young May 6 v2
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