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Total Lunar Eclipse on Sunday, May 15

Observers in North American can see a total solar eclipse unfold on Sunday, May 15-16, 2022. See an animation and event times at Time and Date. Though the penumbral phase begins at 9:32 pm EDT, that subtle shading is often too hard for the average observer to discern, especially in light polluted skies. The obvious show--when the partial phase gets underway--begins at 10:27 pm EDT.

Diagram of moon circles moving through two shadow circles.
Moon's path through shadow(s) of the earth. Courtesy of Fred Espenak.

At 11:29 pm, the entire moon is within the reddish shadow cast by the earth. The moon remains fully eclipsed until nearly 1 AM on Monday morning. Frankly, that's when most people have seen enough and go to bed. I get it. If you hang around to the end of partial lunar eclipse, plan to stay awake another hour.

Again, others have more to say than I. This is just your heads-up to pencil it on your calendar, get well rested, and anticipate being sleepy on Monday, May 16.


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