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Lottery Tithe

Lottery Tithe

Posted by admin on February 18, 2014


Lottery Tithe is a non-binding commitment in which people who play the lottery agree to tithe ten percent (10%) of all take-home winnings over $1 million to community projects proposed by other signatories to the agreement.

For example, if 30 people agree to share their post-tax earnings of any big payoff and someone from among those 30 people wins, the jackpot winner would give the tithed amount for the community project(s) proposed by the other 29 people. The winner of the lottery has final word on how the group's recommendation is implemented. The Lottery Tithe, essentially a handshake agreement, applies only after the lottery winner clears one million dollars after taxes.

The incentive for lottery players is to increase odds of winning money for advancing personal interests, even if one doesn't win the lottery itself. The Lottery Tithe is not legally binding, though one's integrity is on the line if he or she backs out of the agreement after winning. The $1 million threshold insures a lottery winner has a significant windfall before the tithe takes effect. The upside for everybody is that the community is the recipient of a dedicated improvement project.

If we think the odds of winning the lottery are good enough to pay for a ticket, why not increase our odds collectively for the benefit of all?

Ready to win?

To sign up for the inaugural Lottery Tithe: South Bend, please join the Lottery Tithe Google Group below. Your joining the group is your expression of commitment to the premise. You are asserting that if you win the jackpot, your word is good. This is a non-binding agreement, and you deem it to be a voluntary action by you for which I am not responsible for any negative outcome. C'mon, we're all just trying to do some good here.

I invite others to create a Lottery Tithe for their respective communities. Reporting winnings and coordinating disbursement of the tithe are the voluntary responsibility of the lottery winner. Check your numbers here, though we think you're already a winner for participating.

Thanks for your consideration. Good luck!


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