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PlutoTime Mosaic in Gigapan

NASA released gigapans of its PlutoTime mosaic, which depicts Pluto and its moon Charon as a compilation of images sent in by the public. I tried finding a few images I had sent via the #plutotime hashtag, but I haven't spotted them in the mosaic yet. It's like a giant Where's Waldo? that takes more time than I have right now. Please let me know if you spot any local images.

PlutoTime refers to the time at which your local light level is equivalent to high noon on the planet Pluto. NASA requested images from people taken at their respective sites and then made a giant mosaic after its New Horizons spacecraft flew by the planet in July 2015. Not all submitted images were used (that'd be a bummer), and the dark space regions of the mosaic apparently have a mask to darken them, which makes it more of a challenge to find personal photos.

Please look for these images from Michiana, taken in New Buffalo, South Bend, Granger, and Three Rivers. I had especially hoped to see an image of downtown South Bend as it celebrates its 150 anniversary, making the PlutoTime image a time stamp of South Bend's sesquicentennial.

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