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Solargraphs Along the Torch Route

Two new Anniversary Solargraphs are in place along the route of the Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay.

After torch bearers wend their way through St. Joseph County on October 8, 2016, they will pass the torch at a daylong celebration at Bendix Woods County Park. There visitors can find the two pinhole cameras that are capturing long-duration exposures of the sun during the Indiana Bicentennial.

On September 5, Ranger Neal helped me place a solargraph can on a light pole across the street from the Playground. When he peeled away the tape covering the pinhole, he essentially opened the shutter of the pinhole camera. It has started capturing light. As the pinhole camera faces south over the park, to its left is the iconic pine tree sign spelling out Studebaker.

I placed a second solargraph can facing the front of the Nature Center. This can is more at risk and has some experimental factors. First, it is near the ground, so it is prone to damage from piled snow, curious fingers, and maintenance equipment. Second, it is secured to the base of a floodlight aimed at the flagpole, so the photographic paper may be compromised by that artificial light. On the other hand, it may yield a desirable effect. As with all Anniversary Solargraphs, we wait and see.

Notice the sign announcing the Torch Relay, which passes both solargraphs located within Bendix Woods County Park.

During the Bicentennial Birthday Bash, members of the Michiana Astronomical Society will set up telescopes on the corner near the Bicentennial Solargraph. By day they will target the moon and sun, and activities will guide visitors in finding Indiana's Bicentennial Star.

Map detail for Bendix Woods County Park

Come greet the State Torch Relay as it passes through St. Joseph County. Music, dance, food and fun await the whole family. Click for a printable flyer.

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