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Candidate, how will you lead on Aug. 21?

I'd like to ask the candidates a question about science, but I expect their answers would devolve into generalities and misinformation. If they can't answer the big questions with specifics, perhaps they can answer a smaller question about a 2017 science event that millions of people in the US will experience:

"Candidate, how specifically will you lead the nation in advancing science, education, the arts, commerce, and more on Monday, August 21, 2017?"

Map courtesy of Michael Zeiler,

On that day, a solar eclipse will be visible across all of North American, and a total solar eclipse will be visible along a swath that bisects the United States from Oregon to South Carolina. See Eclipse 2017 for maps and details.

For what will likely be the most observed celestial phenomenon in US history, how would each candidate lead the nation in the context of a solar spectacle, beyond a photo opp?

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