Three Oaks and the 150th Birthday Star

As Three Oaks, MI, celebrates its sesquicentennial, families can enjoy the Open Lands, Open Skies event that features the 150th birthday star Eltanin. Members of the Michiana Astronomical Society will set up telescopes and will lead stargazing at Chikaming Township Park and Preserve on November 17, 2017. Eltanin, a star in the constellation Draco the Dragon, is 150 light years away, so the light that left the star when Three Oaks was founded is just now reaching our eyes.

At the Open Lands, Open Skies event, families will be able to make a simple star-finder that highlights the circumpolar constellations. If you cannot attend the free event, you are welcome to print the three documents below and make a star wheel on your own.

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