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Step 1: Open 16-Ounce Beverage Can

For a May 15, 2020, state meeting of the Great Lakes Planetarium Association (GLPA) I will present a workshop on making solargraphs. Images for the Zoom meeting will be selected from the slide set Solargraphs--2020 Vision. The abstract for the workshop, titled Step 1: Open 16-Ounce Beverage Can, states:

To get the public to embrace solar energy as part of the nation's renewable energy mix, planetariums can guide people to be more familiar with and informed about the sun. In this activity we make a solargraph to show the long-duration path of the sun arcing across the sky. In advance, gather if possible a few 16-ounce aluminum cans, a can opener, a pin, duct tape, electrical tape, and a piece of 5x7 paper (after coronavirus restrictions are lifted you'll replace the paper with black and white photographic paper).

A window of a solargraph.

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