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AstroCamp Website Goes Dormant is now dormant. Some content remains archived at, with PDFs of excerpts listed in its right column.

I originally built and maintained the unofficial as a product of passion, for I was much involved with the astronomy program as an AstoCamp counselor starting in 2003 and as AstroCamp Director in 2014-2017. However, to save money I unassigned the website October 14, 2023.

YMCA Camp Eberhart in Three Rivers, MI, currently has it's own dedicated AstroCamp at YMCA Camp Eberhart page. If you are interested in joining the AstroCamp stargazing adventure, please visit Camp Eberhart's website directly.

Thanks to the past Directors, Counselors, and legions of enthusiastic Astrocampers who spent time at Dave's House by day and under the stars by night. It's been a great run.

A special acknowledgment goes to Lou Sandock, founder and chief inspirer of AstroCamp, for his vision and zeal to have youths get their hands on telescopes and observe the wonders of the universe. joins some of my other websites that are also dormant, including:

  • Transit of Venus

  • South Bend Astro

  • Comet Festival


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