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Dark Side of Two Moons

A salute to Pink Floyd on the 50th anniversary of the release of Dark Side of the Moon. Enjoy the music (play it loud) and check out the lyrics you mostly know. Then look for the dark sides of two moons in the picture below.

In February 2023, a young crescent moon emerged between the grasping branch tips of two trees--one leafy and one bare. Meanwhile, obscured by the trees but visible to the bobbing naked eye, Jupiter and bright Venus were nearing conjunction in the western twilight. Binoculars or a small telescope would show four moons of Jupiter, but that's a different album.

Look close. After finding the crescent in the sky, can you find its reflection in the water?

Clue: look among the leaves close to shore.

The illuminated crescent you see is our perspective of the half of the moon facing the sun. The so-called dark side--at least, the unseen part that would make the circular moon appear whole--can be found in two moons, as promised.

"Everything under the sun is in tune..."


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