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First Solargraph From La Casa de Amistad

A rooftop solargraph on La Casa de Amistad captured unimpeded solar arcs, revealing the path of the sun from January to June. [Reprinted from Project Ilios blog post; 2022 June 6.]

The sequence described at Solargraphs Off La Casa began January 6, 2022. When La Casa de Amistad Director Juan Constantino pulled the tape off the pinhole, the exposure started.

Five months later, June 4, Project Ilios team member Ashley recovered the solargraph can.

That night I removed the 5 x 7-inch photographic paper inside, which had not been damaged, and scanned it in 600 dpi. The result is the feature image at top of page.

I then flipped the image horizontally to align it with east and west, countering for a quirk of pinhole cameras. Lastly, with the Color Adjust tool I swapped the sliders left and right to invert the colors.

Here’s the result.

An image taken January 6, 2022, looking south with a cell phone camera in Pano mode shows similar distortion.

Bottom line: The La Casa de Amistad rooftop enjoys much sunlight with few major obstructions.


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