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Michiana Star Party is May 19-21

The 2023 Michiana Star Party will be May 19-21 at Dr. TK Lawless County Park in Vandalia, MI. Come join astronomy enthusiasts who set up an array of telescopes in a field and watch the splendor of the night unfold. For a preview of what to expect, see a recap of the 2022 star party or a preview of the 2017 star party.

The public is welcome to join all weekend or with an inexpensive one-day pass, even if you don't own a telescope. Amateur astronomers welcome the chance to interact and share celestial views through their telescopes. Just ask them. The rules are simple. Most important, don't grab any eyepiece when you approach the scope and don't shine bright lights. Jaw-dropping and gasping are allowed when observing.

During daylight hours, enjoy the facilities and trails offered at this Cass County Park. There are also featured talks:

Friday: 8:00 PM - Robert Parrish, TK Lawless Park Commissioner - Eclipse Astrophotography After Sunset - Jim Hopkins - Tonight’s Constellations

Saturday: 11:00 AM - Jim Hopkins - Telescopes across the EM Spectrum 1:00 PM - Dr. Timothy Beers - Deaths of the First Stars 2:30 PM - Dr. Shane Larson - The Women of the Harvard Computers and the Birth of Modern Astronomy

The host Michiana Astronomical Society web page lists details and registration for the 13th annual star party. A flyer shows the schedule and includes the registration form.

Come camp for the weekend, or bring family and friends for just a couple hours. You will see the night as you've not seen it before.


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