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See Billboard Eclipse in Different Light

With a solar eclipse, the sun is often not what it seems. For example, grab a sequence of light that builds up the solar image for a digital billboard. An ongoing announcement by Lamar promotes the Total Solar Eclipse and offers a daily countdown. Watch the ads cycle through and you'll see two iterations of the eclipse, perhaps suggesting both a partial and a total eclipse occurring on April 8, 2024.

Billboard announcing Total Solar Eclipse with countdown.

However, to see the eclipse in a different light, watch the ads cycle through a couple of times and take a bunch of photos in quick succession with your cell phone camera. The video Eclipse Not What It Seems zooms in on the main solar graphic and the end E in ECLIPSE for reference.

You can also take a video of the same, seemingly-still billboard sign. Again, the static view belies the dynamics underneath.

Colorful zoomed sun graphic.
Grabbed image of electronic billboard's solar eclipse.


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