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Total Lunar Eclipse- 2022 NOV 8

The next total lunar eclipse visible from the Midwest begins in the morning chill of November 8, 2022. The discernible partial eclipse begins at 4:09 a.m.; totality is 5:16 to 6:41 a.m.; and the moon sets at 7:34 a.m. before the ensuing partial eclipse ends. See the simulation at

You'll want a clear western horizon to see totality, which ends when the moon is fewer than 10 degrees (about a fist held at arm's length) above the horizon, as seen from South Bend, IN. Normally the full moon turns yellow when near the horizon, for the shorter bluish wavelengths scatter away and the longer reddish wavelengths make it through the atmospheric muck just above the horizon. During this eclipse's totality, the red moon will be further darkened as moonset approaches.

Fred Espenak gives observational details.


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