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Two Photons Walk Into a Bar...

Got a snazzy "light" punchline? Please send me your zingers and we'll announce the best replies at South Bend Science Cafe on Monday, January 12, 2015, at Chicory Cafe in South Bend, IN. I will be the guest speaker, and this Science Cafe is gonna light up the Bend like none other.


My Science Cafe talk introduces the 2015 International Year of Light as well as astronomy highlights coming up during South Bend's 150th anniversary in 2015. As we embrace these two celebrations, let's, in the words of astronaut Alan Shepard on the launchpad, "Light this candle!"

Science Cafe is a casual gathering in which the speaker (this month it's me) gives a 15-minute intro plus Q&A, which will spark dialogue about science among the visitors. I agree to abide by the lone rule for speakers--you must have a microphone in one hand and a beverage in the other. If you want additional previews of topics I expect to introduce, see MichianaSTEM Astro Blog.


Your jokes and my 15-minutes begin at 6:00 p.m., but I encourage you to come early to order some food and beverages in advance. This Science Cafe will be the first in the newly renovated area of Chicory Cafe at 105 East Jefferson Blvd, South Bend, IN 46601. And be sure to tip the staff well--they're awesome.


Suggestion: First come up with your own punchlines or variations for the "photons walked into a bar" joke and send them to me for Science Cafe. After you've sent me your punchlines, enjoy more from John the Math Guy and after the January 12 Science Cafe, send your humorous ideas to him. Thanks.

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