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Skylore at Civic Theater

Dayle Brown fuses celestial storytelling of diverse civilizations with her colorful artistic interpretations in her Skylore for Planet Earth... series of books. Original paintings from the first five topics--Moon, Venus, Pleiades, Milky Way, and Orion--as well as from her forthcoming book on Comets and Meteors are displayed at the South Bend Civic Theater through March 8, 2015.

When you've got a few minutes in downtown South Bend, stroll to the Civic Theater at 403 N. Main St. and spend some time between the bold watercolors and the soothing stained glass windows on the second floor. Copies of her five existing books are available for perusal, and the art itself is for sale as well. Thanks, Dayle, for sharing your originals and offering a sneak peek at the latest book.


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