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Video: 3D Printer Sun Funnel

The Sun Funnel is a device for telescopes that allows a group of people to observe a magnified image of the sun safely. Instructions, warnings, and tips for using the original Sun Funnel are at http://tinyurl.sunscope. Students of Career Academy South Bend have designed a 3D-printed version of the Sun Funnel to witness solar eclipses, transits, and sunspots, with 3D-printing files (.stl) and more on the Sun Funnel page (URL shortened to

Meanwhile, a short video quickly shows how to make and use a 3D-printed Sun Funnel. See the video below for overview, but also read the original instructions and requisite warnings.

The 3D Printer Sun Funnel debuts June 10, 2016, at the American Astronomical Society (AAS) Eclipse 2017 Workshop (#Eclipse2017Workshop) in Carbondale, IL.

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