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Big Scope Added at AstroCamp

AstroCamp has added a very big telescope to its array of equipment used by youths to observe deep space objects. The Obsession reflector, with an impressive 18-inch primary mirror and a focal ratio of f/4.5, was obtained for YMCA Camp Eberhart with support from the Yarger family of South Bend, IN.

The scope will be the centerpiece at AstroCamp, which is set for July 3-9, 2016. Youths who are new to AstroCamp begin the week by using robust 8-inch reflectors, and subsequently move up to controlling larger scopes with the assistance experienced AstroCamp counselors.

In-Residence Astronomer Darren Drake of Chicago, IL, was delighted to show visitors the new equipment with its smooth movement and ArgoNavis telescope control system. During the other weeks of summer at Camp Eberhart, Drake will use the new scope to show visiting campers highlights in the night sky.

The Yarger family has a long tradition of supporting astronomy outreach at Camp Eberhart, including the original Yarger Observatory on the Island and the Yarger Astronomy Center at Dave's House.

AstroCamp is accepting registrations for boys and girls ages 9 and above. To register or get more information, please contact YMCA Camp Eberhart soon.

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