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Main Street Solargraph

An early Anniversary Solargraph result is in, and it's promising. Pinhole cameras atop the JMS Building in downtown South Bend, IN, captured the arc of the sun for several months The exposure on photographic paper reveals a unique perspective on the relationship of the sun and the city.

Solargraph shows arc of sun July-October with Main Street panorama.

Multiple solargraph cans are placed around St. Joseph County, IN, to capture the passage of time during Indiana's Bicentennial celebration. These cans were scheduled to be removed early to accommodate construction underway at the site.

Start by going downtown to the steps of the County Courthouse on Main Street and look northeast toward the JMS building. On the corner of the JMS rooftop you can see the flagpole.

Flagpole atop JMS Building, South Bend, IN

When I revisited the corner flagpole up on the roof, the cans were still affixed with duct tape. The solargraph cans had been in place from July 12 ( to October 28, 2016.

Solargraphs mounted atop JMS Building.

One can had a dimple in its side and one can had soggy paper (not sure if they were the same can).

Solargraph cans from JMS Building.

The original solargraph from one can exhibited sepia colors, and was upside down and backwards. Flip the image so it's right side up...

Then invert the colors and flip it horizontally to get correct aspect. Notice the gap in the sun on the lower left portion. Apparently a piece of construction equipment obstructed the sun in those latter weeks. Yet for the time when the solar arc was not obstructed, before the equipment eclipsed the sun, enough light had already entered the can to build up the faint horizon.

Thanks go to Great Lakes Capital and HGR Group Inc., with a special nod to Construction Superintendent Rob Bollman, for facilitating this Anniversary Solargraph.

More Anniversary Solargraphs will be revealed at after the December solstice, when the sun reaches its lowest point.

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