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Picture of the Day, 2017 September 22

Many thanks for your comments, enthusiasm, and support after Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) selected Solar Eclipse Solargraph as its feature image for September 22, 2017.

Astronomy Picture of the Day, 2017 September 22; courtesy of

Details about how the images were taken are at Note the hole in the can was much larger than for typical solargraphs, and its non-circular shape doesn't matter with a projection.

Can with large hole for Solar Eclipse Solargraph;

I know of at least two other people who made solargraphs of the 2017 eclipse. See images by Mauricio Gerra and by Don Hladiuk.

I appreciate the APOD team's selecting Solar Eclipse Solargraph and pairing it with the September equinox. And many thanks to friends and strangers alike who have written. It's been a fun reflection on the eclipse.

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