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World Biker Talks Nov. 14

For four years Mike Dits has been pedaling his bike around the globe, logging over 40,000 miles while engaging people in 63 countries. Now back home, Mike will be telling us about the challenges he intimately experienced that are confronting our common home, the earth.

Image of solar panel installation in Zimbabwe; image courtesy of Mike Dits

Join me Thursday, Nov. 14, at 7 pm at St. Pius X Catholic Church, 52553 Fir Road, Granger, IN, to hear his story. Please come explore some of the ways we can move forward as Mike shares what he "learned about what people are doing to power their lives in a clean, sustainable manner.” In the interim, you can peruse Mike's images and story at his website

We will meet in the church basement meeting room CH004. The room is readily accessed by going in the east door that leads into the back of the church and heading down the stairs. The event is sponsored by the the Creation Care Team at St. Pius X, which was created in response to Pope Francis’ direct appeal in Laudato Si' to us to care for our common home. Not many people can make such an amazing carbon-free trip as Mike, but we can all take bold action to answer Pope Francis’ call.

Announcement of Mike Dits presentation

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