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Solar Grant For Indiana Non-Profits

Application Deadline: July 10, 2020

Customers of Indiana & Michigan Power (I&M) could slice their electric budget through a grant opportunity “for community, educational, religious, and non-profit organizations who primarily serve low income households or individuals.” As part of a legal settlement, the utility AEP must "invest $3.5 million to improve air quality and to reduce pollution in Indiana through various projects,” of which $450,000.00 goes toward solar energy.

Solar panels

On June 16, AEP announced its SUN FOR ALL Solar Empowerment Grants, which has an application deadline of July 10, 2020. Essentially it’s a grant to install solar panels at your site, with all cost savings being "tracked and directed to increase the budget of services/programming” you provide.

The grant application describes what is required of you, including education and community outreach, past or planned energy efficiency improvements, in-kind donations, and requisite paperwork.

While I am not a solar energy expert, I have lately had some experiences that will allow me to help you with the application, such as the section on proposed project location. If I can support your efforts to secure this grant, please contact me soon, for my greatest availability prior to the deadline is in June.

Even if you choose not to participate, I encourage you pass on this grant application to other organizations that seek to reduce their ongoing electrical bills and improve air quality, all while re-directing energy payments to their respective community services. Thank you for your consideration.

[Note: due to robocalls, I recommend you first reply via email, for I don’t always answer phone numbers I don’t recognize.]

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