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Closing In on Karl Quest: 50 States/50 Marathons

Mike Karl is soon running a marathon in your state. Or he recently has. In California, the 42nd state in his quest to race in all 50, Mike just finished first in his age group at the San Francisco Marathon. Look at his splits (pace: 53, 40, 31, 30, 27). He just kept going faster. That's Mike.

Mike runs in part to support the Sean Karl Foundation, a non-profit that advances research on rare childhood cancers, especially Ewing Sarcoma. Mike and Laurie Karl explain better than I at the Sean Karl Foundation Facebook page.

For the 2021 San Francisco run, Mike pulled 300+ others along in his draft with the virtual Steps for Sean. Participants (self included) were tasked with doing in the first nineteen days of the month--that is, ambulate 26.2 miles--what Mike accomplished in about three hours and twelve minutes on September 19.

I thank Mike and Laurie Karl for motivating us to walk beyond our normal path (yet keep it on the trail). And I thank the people who have worked to protect Michigan parks, lakes, rivers and shorelines, where we tallied many miles.

Steps for Sean joins a stable of unique events hosted by the Sean Karl Foundation. Next on the docket is Songs for Sean on Tuesday, October 26, 2021, featuring songwriters JT Harding, Lee Miller, and Rodney Clawson.

You can congratulate or tell Mike "thank you" with a donation to the Sean Karl Foundation at


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