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Do a Marathon With Me

I'm not a runner, but in September 2021 I'm going to do a virtual marathon from the 1st up to the 19th, when Mike Karl will likely run a full 26.2 in San Francisco.

I expect to walk in 19 days the equivalent distance Mike runs in a few hours. This California marathon will be in the 42nd state in Mike's quest to run a marathon in all 50 states for the Sean Karl Foundation. That's right.--Mike has run at least 41 marathons.

With Steps for Sean, all you and I have to do is walk, run, or do the equivalent distance of a marathon over the first nineteen days of the month, combined. That's less than a mile and a half per day. I can do that. You can do that. Let's go for a walk together. Take some Steps for Sean.

Then cheer for Mike's Marathon on September 19 as he runs for Sean. Go, Mike!

Here's the full poster if you wish to share it. Please do.

SKF Steps for Sean Poster
Download PDF • 498KB


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