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Numb Fingers Damage Can

Better to start a solargraph at summer solstice than at winter solstice, at least from the perspective of the fingers securing it in place. With cold fingers I mounted a solargraph on a fence astride La Casa de Amistad, and the lack of dexterity likely caused me to dent the can slightly in the process.

You can see the implications inside the can, where the photographic paper is clearly misshapen upon opening.

Bent paper inside solargraph can

As a result, the arcing path of the sun is not smooth, but instead is squared somewhat. The rendering of the building, overhead power line, power pole, and trees are nicely distinct. Here's the processed solargraph result paired with a photo taken with a cell phone in Pano mode.

solargraph pair with panorama

This is the second of two cans mounted January 6, 2022. The other was placed by Juan Constantino on the rooftop during a very cold day. See the First Solargraph From La Casa de Amistad.

It's easier to cut down a solargraph can in the winter when you can work with less finesse, for you can damage the can a bit without damaging the paper you're about to remove. It's decidedly nicer and less damaging to secure a can in place when your fingers are warm and nimble.

There are other seasonal factors to consider when choosing between a June start and a December start. See

Thanks go to Project Ilios team members Brianna and Ashley for their help in removing both solargraph cans.


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