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Stargazing in 2021 at Dr. TK Lawless Dark Sky Park

Dr. TK Lawless County Park announced its 2021 stargazing schedule. Declared an International Dark Sky Park, the site is open on designated nights for observers to enjoy the wonders of the night sky at least once per month around new moon.

Telescopes at Dr. TK Lawless International Dark Sky Park

January 15th and 16th - Open until 10 pm February 12th and 13th - Open until 10 pm March 12th and 13th - Open until Midnight April 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th - International Dark Sky Week - Open until Midnight May 14th and 15th - Open until 2 am June 11th and 12th - Open until 2 am July - Michigan Dark Sky Awareness Month - Open every Friday & Saturday until 2 am August 11th and 12th - Perseid Meteor Shower - Open until Midnight August 13th and 14th - Open until 2 am September 10th and 11th - Open until 2 am October 8th and 9th - Open until 2 am November 5th and 6th - Open until 10 pm December 3rd and 4th - Open until 10pm December 14th - Geminids Meteor Shower - Open until Midnight

While Dr. TK Lawless Park is the site of the annual Michiana Astronomical Society (MAS) Star Party, the tentative 2021 dates of June 11-13 are subject to change due to coronavirus protocols.


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