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Constellation Quest at ScienceAlive


Families will discover wonders of the night sky hidden within winter and summer constellations at the 2016 ScienceAlive. Find non-stop hands-on science action at the St. Joseph County Public Library (SJCPL) in South Bend, IN, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 6, 2016.


Visiting young scientists and their siblings can make a planisphere, or starfinder, that shows select constellations for which there are activities at several astronomy stations. Use the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia to find north and all other directions. You can make your own Night Sky Treasure Map by downloading and printing two PDF documents. Other free handouts are here.

For the summer constellations, simulate the warped space of a black hole in Sagittarius; use light to discover new exoplanets near Cygnus; compare the gravity of planets in Scorpius. Activities are in the Molloy Meeting Room in the library's lower level, with thanks to Kids AstroCamp at YMCA Camp Eberhart.

For the winter constellations, follow the life cycles of stars or make a mosaic from images of Taurus;

protect stars at risk of disappearing by measuring light pollution with Orion; and travel through time with Indiana's Bicentennial Star--the corner star Scheat in the Great Square of Pegasus. Visit the Pokagon Meeting Room in the Lower Level, with thanks to Michiana Astronomical Society Inc. and Kennedy Planetarium.


Among the volunteers facilitating these programs at 2016 ScienceAlive are the following astronomy enthusiasts:

Ruth Craft

Ruth is past Director of the Kennedy Planetarium at Kennedy Primary Academy and creator of much original astronomy content.

Linda Marks

Linda is an AstroCamp leader and science teacher who championed the New Horizons spacecraft and its flyby of Pluto in 2015.

Chuck Bueter

Chuck is an astronomy enthusiast who advocates for dark skies and expresses his astronomy outreach at

Pat Chrenka

Pat is a NASA Solar System Ambassador and retired science educator from LaSalle Intermediate Academy.

Dayle Brown

Dayle is the author/illustrator of the Skylore from Planet Earth series of books about constellations and their stories from around the world.

William Waskom

Bill is Principal of Kennedy Primary Academy and a strong supporter of hands-on fun.

Ruth Nieboer

Ruth is an education veteran, an advocate for hands-on science and history, and a regular contributor to the success of ScienceAlive programs.

Caroline Fletcher

Caroline is Director of the Kennedy Planetarium at Kennedy Primary Academy and coordinator of its science fair. (Not pictured; sorry, Fletch.)

Dacota Schrader

Dacota is a member of Michiana Astronomical Society Inc.

More astronomy facilitators at ScienceAlive to be announced.



Lower Level, Molloy Meeting Room

With thanks to Kids Astro Camp at Camp Eberhart


Lower Level, Pokagon Meeting Room With thanks to Michiana Astronomical Society Inc. and Kennedy Planetarium

ADDED FEB. 14, 2016:

The team for 2016 Science Alive also included Aaron McNeely and Matt Bielski.


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