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Science Alive Recap

A team of astronomy enthusiasts staffed two rooms at the public library in downtown South Bend, IN, for the 2016 Science Alive. Here's a snapshot of some quieter moments, which were few.

The Michiana astro Science Alive team...

Pat Chrenka gets visitors underway with constellations.

Visitor Evie Kirkwood demonstrates the value of full-cutoff lights. By shielding the bare bulb she reduces glare, sky glow, and light trespass.

Matt Bielski invites people to send the chart number that matches their respective backyard view to Globe at Night, a campaign to measure the quality of the night sky worldwide.

Eric Sorensen answers a visitor's question about the life cycle of stars, ranging from a nebulous cloud in its early years to a cataclysmic explosion in its death throes that can lead to a black hole in some instances.

Dacota Schrader gets a short break after making star finders with a steady stream of visitors.

In the opening minutes, Bill Wascom and Dayle Brown are ready for the crowd to descend.

Caroline Fletcher and Linda Marks await the beginning of Science Alive. Once the day got underway, they enjoyed a full room of curious visitors.

Ruth Nieboer engages a group as they discuss timelines of history and starlight for the Indiana Bicentennial celebration.

Apologies to Aaron McNeely, who is not shown, but who contributed his time, energy, and talent to Science Alive. I did not get pictures of all staff in action once the doors opened, and Aaron was ommitted.

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