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Solargraphs Awry

Not all Anniversary Solargraphs have been or will be successful. A few pinhole cameras have yielded discouraging results.

A can atop Coop's Tower at YMCA Camp Eberhart looks down on Dave's House, site of AstroCamp. Unfortunately, when recovered after four weeks of exposure it had a small dent right at the pinhole.

The can had been carefully placed there July 7 by Jacob P:

The resulting image from August 8:

Another can was placed too low and prominent. It didn't fare well with passers-by.

The good news: Jacob and others mounted solargraphs in other locations around camp. Looking forward to reclaiming them perhaps a year later at 2017 AstroCamp.

Earlier attempts at a weeks-long solargraph were more promising. Fortunately I removed the cans from their mount next to a tree, for shortly thereafter the tree came down after being topped in a storm. In the first image you can see the solar path arcing above a roofline with chimney.

An inaugural attempt at a solargraph shows the house with chimney, but no solar path is recorded. Can you discern whether the can was mounted vertically or horizontally?

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