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Experimenting With SunPrint Solargraphs

Feel free to ride along with me for an experiment. I want to know if I can use SunPrint or a comparable product to make a day-long solargraph during the 2017 solar eclipse. I'm hoping to show a broad streak of the sun's arc get thinner through maximum eclipse, then get uniformly wider through second half of eclipse.

I don't know how much light entering the hole will cause the SunPrint paper to expose. Will the sun leave a clean streak like in solargraphs with photographic paper? Or will it blur a wide swath on photo-sensitive SunPrint paper? How sensitive to the sun is SunPrint paper? What difference does hole size make on the image when using SunPrint paper?

I set up a can akin to a solargraph but with the light sensitive SunPrint paper instead of photographic paper. One hole is the standard pinhole size, but a second hole is enlarged.

After a few days, the paper yielded this image, with the smaller pinhole corresponding to the fainter sun trail below and the larger hole corresponding to the brighter sun trail above.

SunPrint solargraph with two holes in can. Larger hole begets the brighter, upper sun arcs.

Meanwhile, another can is mounted outside for a duration to be determined. If you've got any experience with SunPrint paper or have suggestions, feel free to contact me. Thanks.

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