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Collection: Solargraphs With Photographs

Even when there are gaps in seeing the sun on any given day, you know the sun is consistently out there. The video Solargraph Images Paired With Photos silently shows fifty solargraph images--many of them matched with photographs of the same scene--capturing the seasonal path of the sun. The collection debuted at Solargraphs Revealed, a 2017 December solstice party in South Bend, IN, around which most of the solargraph cans had been placed.

A solargraph is a simple pinhole camera made from a can, duct tape, and black and white photographic paper. The resulting solargraph image appears distorted similar to what a cell phone camera yields in panorama mode. If you want to get a preview of what your pinhole camera image will look like, first take a photo of the scene with your phone in Pano.

Launched for the 2016 Indiana Bicentennial celebration, the solargraph collection has grown into a means to get people more informed about and familiar with the sun. I encourage you to make your own solargraph to create a personal and unique connection to the sun.

Thanks go to all who participated in this regional effort to capture long-duration snapshots of the sun.

Thank you for solargraphs.

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