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We're Talking Astronomy-Feb. 16

The PHM Digital Video Theater will host a public astronomy meeting on Monday, Feb. 16, from 7:00 to 8:45 p.m. If you've got an interest in astronomy, join us for some dialogue about the local astronomy scene and suggest what you'd like to see happening in our community.

The regular third-Monday meeting of Michiana Astronomical Society Inc. (MAS) had been slated for that Monday, but libraries are closed due to the Presidents Day holiday. MAS business will open the meeting, but we want to start some conversation about astronomy in Michiana.

Contact me if you want to put any items on the agenda or have ideas you want to share. Let's talk about and do astronomy in the context of two celebrations: SB150 and 2015IYL.

Here is a sampling of scheduled upcoming events, but more are are in the works. Not all telescope observing is done as public outreach, so feel free to propose private options as well.


16 FEB

Public Astronomy Meeting

PHM DVT, Bittersweet Elementary

MAS hosts meeting about local astronomy endeavors and interests.

16 MAR

Michiana Astronomical Society Meeting

Mishawaka Penn Harris Library, 209 Lincolnway East

Regular third Monday meeting.

15 MAY

Start of Michiana Star Party

Dr. TK Lawless Park, Vandalia, MI

Bring your scope and camping gear for a weekend under dark skies with others.

22 & 23 MAY

South Bend 150th

Jefferson Street Bridge

Weekend celebration to include telescope observing. Details TBA.

12 JUL

Start of AstroCamp

YMCA Camp Eberhart, Three Rivers, MI

A weeklong summer camp for 9-13 year-olds features stargazing and telescopes.

28 SEP

Total Lunar Eclipse

Event TBA

In the meantime, that brilliant "star" in the west after sunset is actually Venus, and in the opposite direction is bright Jupiter. Watch them over the next few months as they draw closer together until they reach conjunction in late June. A thin crescent moon will conveniently be nearby during the SB150 celebration. [written Feb. 2015]


First Midnight

2015 May 22 at 10 PM

The PHM DVT is located in Bittersweet Elementary School, just north of the Penn High School football field.

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